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About us

Why "Experience Nature"?


The idea of "Experience Nature" is the ideal way for us, not only to live "priceless" moments that nature offers, but also happy to share them.


This is how we would like to present you our place:


Discover unspoiled countryside of historical Mani and "mythical" mount Taygetos through fun and recreational activities.

Ervin Witowschi - "the expert"
Ervin was born and grown up on Romania In 1973.
Discovered mountaineering at the age of 12 and quickly loved mountain and became obsessed with climbing.
After training hard in college, he participated in National Climbing Competition of Romania.
He has ascended the highest mountains and climbed many climbing routes in Romania.  
Since 2000, lives in South Peloponnese and continues to focus in mountaineering, sport, trad, mixed and ice climbing.


Among others, he has climbed on the frozen waterfall Kakavos (150m), at River Erymanthos, Achaia, Greece  and ascended to the peak of Mont Blanc (4807m.) Alps.
His love for climbing, inspired him to create alot of climbing routes that you can climb in local climbing parks as Nedousa, Lagada, Kardamyli and Limeni.
Ervin is certified in first aid and is a volunteer member of hellenic rescue team.
Tina Tsapatsari - "the local"
Tina was born and grown up on Areopoli, Mani in 1980.
Since she was a child, she has been hiking with her family all over the region of Mani and mountain Taygetos, learning its history from her mother who is a philologist and admiring its fauna -flora from her father who is a agriculturist.
As a local, she knows many myths, legends and traditions.
So, If you want to explore the most beautiful places here, she is obviously your guide.
Tina is certified in first aid and is a volunteer member of hellenic rescue team.
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