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Back to Nature? Let's visit a family farm and taste local products!


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suitable season: all year


The importance of "experience nature" is about getting every chance to admire the splendor of nature.


Visit  our family farm to live agricultural activities!


Tsapatsari 's farm is a private land of 20 hectares with high biodiversity adapted to the local environment.


It features many varieties of cultivable trees such as olive trees and corps and an artificial lake of 5.000 cc.


Particularly, some kind of pears which are preserved  at the farm,  are endangered.  


At the same time, many modern varieties of trees are cultivated such as goji berry, ippofaes and all the varieties of prickly pears.


There are also many herbs such as lavender, rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, camomile, throubi.


It has many domestic animals (sheep, coats, pigs, chicken, geese) and hives.


During your browsing, you can feed the animals, collect vegetables from the organic garden, fruits and aromatic or wild herbs.


A perfect chance for your children to learn about the rural living.


Even if you want  to participate, some of the most interesting experiences in the farm are:


  • to watch the amazing society of bees and learn how they make honey


  • to collect:

       lupins in July

       grapes in September

       olives in November

       aromatic herbs 

       wild herbs 



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