West Mani Ridimo gorge

moderate level / suitable for children and adults

Hiking the middle part of Ridomo Gorge, a hidden jewel of the Taygetos region.

We start our circular route from Voreio village, a traditional settlement stretching alongside the Ridomo Gorge, in West Mani. Crossing the bottom of the gorge we observe a unique beauty of geological formations, rocky precipitous slopes, rare landscapes, areas with characteristic chromatographic and caves which have distinct stalactites. Its most impressive area is the narrow passage at a width of about 3m, 60m high and 100m long.

Also, a magnificent traditional monument of the region is the double stone bridge that connecting the vertically compact slopes of the above-mentioned special beauty of natural formation. As we return to the starting point, we enjoy the picturesque view and nature from above. 

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